This miracle drug !!!!!!!!!!! Psychological ED for 25 years. I was not too bad with my former wife, even as I drank to mask anxiety. Almost 5 years without sex can not get an erection with a woman. Always good to masturbation. I went to the doctor after 25 years of silence Viagra. He was skeptical. I went on a first date, and 50 mg tablets taken 45 minutes before sex. Hot flash head watery eyes, but fine. I had the most amazing sex I could not believe it! Full installation leading straight ahead to stimulation. If orgasming full sex twice both times in half an hour !! I was impressed. '25 A problem sorted in 45 minutes. Now I am so sure. Thanks to Viagra I still can not believe it.

NIP headache and malaise lasting 24 hours and not react to any analgesic futile care proposals from customer service that should be seen as a disservice to the customer, who spends a lot of money. It was the very bad experience!

I do not see any women commenting, maybe I'm the first? My husband '13 older than me, began "unreliable" buildings a few years ago (in his late 50s) It makes me feel insecure, thinking maybe he just was not on me anymore. We have not discussed it, I was afraid that it might raise concerns and make matters worse. Viagra by mail recommended, so we tried it and it was better erections my husband ever had! (25 years!), I tell him that just helps him to meet his best potential. Thus, it has since been part of our lives. 45 minutes of waiting actually kind of place, because I know it will. I love it and I highly recommend. Side effects: blurred vision and nasal congestion.

Dr ordered my men Viagra 100mg, and we paid $ 230 for 5 pills. Last night was the second time my husband took it and again it did not work !! He is diabetic and using insulin pump, we do not know if that has something to do with Viagra. This common?

I was wondering Viagra for several years more and my doctor said, "is still running." I finally asked for the recipe, and wish I had asked. My wife and I in the mid 60s and Viagra makes me absolutely reliable in the bedroom again, several times a week. Wife cuts 100 mg tablets in the quarter, which makes the price bearable. Planning session prematurely adds excitement. It's great to be rock hard again and my climactic more intense. No side effects, except for hypersensitivity to sunlight and bluish tint. I highly recommend it to any guy who thinks he needs help.

I am 58 and an erection is sometimes slow or fading. I experimented with doses and found that in fact less works better than more. At 50 mg, very tough, but also insensitive to 12.5 mg of the same hardness, but much more sensitive to touch. Continues the next day and no side effects at low doses. I use common which is cheaper and does the same job.